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I am a rheumatoid arthritis patient...

Since August 2014, I have been having HUMIRA shots and they are like a magic medication. I am now like a normal person with the shots.

HUMIRA has saved my life and my career! 

Particularly, this medicine has saved my family of 2 and 9 year old sons and my dear wife, because they depend me to raise the family!

Please take a look at the following pictures to see how well I am with the HUMIRA shots!

Few calligraphers can hardly write such tiny rice-sized characters in the 5,000 years of Chinese writing history. I could make it well with HUMIRA shots!

I deeply thank you, the Ambassador program - The AbbVie Patient Foundation of the Globe!

Thank you, Dr. ALIREZA NAMI, MD for your endlessly support and kindness! You are a great doctor!

Thank professor Weihong Yan for being kind and support for many years. 

If you want to learn more about HUMIRA, please click HERE.



China Office please click HERE:

Please click HERE or the link below for Dr. ALIREZA NAMI, MD's office

using smallest brush
using smallest brush

using smallest brush to write, it was impossible before I used the shot.

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I have been collecting the pens for years, will do an installation artworks in the future and to have it exhibited worldwide.

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Performed at Pacific Ocean
Performed at Pacific Ocean

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using smallest brush
using smallest brush

using smallest brush to write, it was impossible before I used the shot.

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The Slides are showing he is doing very well with HUMIRA shots. 

My wife and our two kids, one is 12, the other is five​


Click to see 5,000 calligraphy history

-my calligraphy demo

quqin music for HUMIRA - for HUMIRA

Dear Richard A. Gonzalez and Abbvie Team, 

On behalf of the World Asscociation for Chinese Studies (WACS), I am so grateful for the humanitarian medical support service that Abbvie provide. 

Dr. Hong Zhao is one of the board directors of the WACS, he is also an internationally renowned Chinese calligrapher, and scholar of Chinese calligraphy and a philologist. As a cultural ambassidor, Dr. Zhao has been doing concert touring of Art to Poetry to Music collaborating with Opera Carolina, and other American universities since 2011in the USA. As an artist, hands are his life, and HIS career. HUMIRA saves his life, and gave him chance to reborn. Please click the links below for more info about Dr. Zhao’s art and his activities in the USA; you will learn that he is doing so well with the treatment of HUMIRA shots. His symptom is totally almost gone, and he now feels like a normal and healthy person. 

Thank you again for the greatest product and the service.


Weihong Yan (John Morgan), PhD.

Professor of Chinese Studies, research fellow, Beijing Foreign Studies University.

CEO, World Association for Chinese Studies

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