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Date: 11-25-2019


Dear honorable Chairman Frank-Jürgen Richter, 

On behalf of CBCGDF, General Secretary  Zhou, the calligraphy master, Dr. Zhao, and World Association for Chinese Studies, North Carolina, USA. For congratulating the event, I would be happy to present an outstanding Chinese calligraphy artwork done by Dr. Hong Zhao, an internationally acclaimed artist, and professor of Chinese calligraphy, Capital Normal University in Beijing to 2019 Horasis China Forum.


For more info of Dr. Hong Zhao's bio, please click here.


My wife, Yanshu Li, CEO of Bryce Reagan, LLC and I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas. 

All the best.

Weihong Yan, PhD

CEO, World Association for Chinese Studies(WACS) 

(See the detailed info below along with work of art and video demo by Dr. Hong Zhao)

The calligraphy says: China Forum in standard script of Chinese writing since 2,000 years ago. 
The print of Chinese character is 中国论坛
By Dr. Hong Zhao
Chinese rice paper (xuan paper)
Chinese ink made in Japan
Mounted on Chinese rice paper (xuan paper)
Dimension: 13"*53"

Click to watch the demo

Filming: Gu Zhongsheng
Editing: Weihong Yan
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